Tuitions are charged by the year.  To work with our families and make tuition payment as easy as possible, we will divide the yearly amount into two payments, one each semester.  Ten payments, one each month from August through May.  Or, one payment at registration.  Should you choose the one payment option, we offer a 10% discount. The August installment and the registration and mateial fees are due at registration.  Subsequent tuition payments are due on the first of each month.  Should a student be withdrawn during the year, there is no pro-rated tuition amount for the partial month attended.
Fees due at registration are: Registration: $150 and Materials: $150
Tuitions are: Constituent churches, Ann Arbor, Ann Arbor Spanish and Ann Arbor Asian: $2500/year
                   Non-Constituent Adventist churches: $3000/year
                   Non-Adventist churches: $3500
The differing levels of tuition reflect the financial support from the different churches.  
Children of the constituent churches members are admitted at the lowest level of tuition since their parents also support the school with their offerings that go into the Local Combined Budgets of these churches. 
Children of non-constituent Adventist churches are admitted at the mid level of tuition.  This is because there is a measure of support to AAAE for Christian education from the home church of the individual student, even though there is no regular support for the school in that church's combined budget.
Children of non-Adventist church's are admitted at the upper level of tuition because there is no church support to the school from church's of other denominations.  We do not expect this and we also do not expect these students to observe Adventist doctrine in their homes and activities.
We welcome students from any faith.  We do expect that our rules and ideals will be followed while in the school or church and on the church/school campus.  In the upper grades, we routinely offer a Bible based baptismal class.  Parents may choose to opt out of this class, if they wish.  Our goal is to introduce our students to the Lord and help them begin a relationship with Him that will last into eternity.